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26 Aprile 2023

Simitthus, modern Chimtou in Northwestern Tunisia, was one of the oldest towns of ancient North Africa. Famous for its precious yellow marble called marmor Numidicum, the quarries of which lay in the heart of the city, it became one of the most important towns and economic hubs of Northwestern Africa in Late Hellenistic and Roman times. This paper gives a diachronic overview of the town’s urban development over a timespan of over two millennia (8th c. BC – 12th c. AD). Special emphasis is given to a series of deep trenches opened to the East of the Roman forum in the 1980ies and recently re-evaluated by a Tunisian-German team. These investigations have revealed a spectacular sequence of complex settlement history from Early Iron Age well into the Middle Ages.

Heike Möller – Philipp von Rummel – Moheddine Chaouali – Stefan Ardeleanu