Understanding Ancient Tripolitania: Research, Partnerships and Knowledge Sharing

British School at Rome
via Antonio Gramsci 61

Data evento
18 Ottobre 2022

A workshop organised by the BSR and the British Institute for Libyan and Northern African Studies.

This international workshop is organized jointly by the British School at Rome (BSR) and the British Institute for Libyan and Northern African Studies (BILNAS – formerly the Society for Libyan Studies). Set within the framework of collaborations among the British International Research Institutes (BIRI) and the sponsorship of the British Academy, it will highlight ongoing partnerships and research between these two institutions with a particular focus on ancient Tripolitania.

Research on this North African region has created deep rooted connections between the BSR and BILNAS, which have in turn involved a range of institutions and scholars from Libya, Italy, the UK, and beyond. The first part of the workshop will focus on the recent online publication of the Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania 2021 (IRT2021), presenting and discussing the work around this venture, and how this has prepared the ground for broader collaborations and digital projects in the years to come. In the second part, attention will be paid to the importance of archival resources (such as those held by the BSR and BILNAS) for past, present, and future archaeological research in the region, demonstrating how such collections can enrich our comprehension of Tripolitania across the Roman, Late Antique, and Islamic periods. The workshop aims to stimulate open discussion and will be closed by a synthesis incorporating the themes and directions discussed.