Rome Transformed: Plenary Lecture & Conference

British School at Rome
via Antonio Gramsci 61

Data evento
20 Marzo 2024 - 22 Marzo 2024

This conference marks the finale of the ERC-funded ‘Rome Transformed’ Project.  It draws upon the Project’s specially produced models of the Eastern Caelian from the first to eighth centuries CE to look beyond the physical transformation of the area to a deeper understanding of key developments in Roman society.  Day one of the conference (20.03.24) will showcase the interdisciplinary research that underpinned the creation of these models. Thereafter, on days two and three (21-22.03.24), the implications of this research for the project’s key themes will be presented: politics and status, militarization and security, sacred space and religious practice. Built space provides vital evidence for changes in all these themes, but so does the modelling of movement through and evidence for activity within them. Complementing these three thematic strands will be a further discussion which seeks to examine the economic significance of evidence from the research area; how close can we come to modelling the comparative costs involved in all these developments?  Throughout the conference a key consideration is the degree to which developments within the Eastern Caelian resonate further afield, and to explore this, presentations of findings from within the research area will be delivered alongside broader-based papers which explore the key themes in a wider context.

Organised by Ian Haynes (Newcastle; BSR), Paolo Liverani (Firenze), Thea Ravasi (Newcastle), Stephen Kay (BSR), and Gianluca Foschi (Newcastle)