Research libraries in Rome (1860-1930): the origins of an exceptional documentary collection


École française de Rome
Conference room
Piazza Navona 62

Data evento
1 Dicembre 2023

The workshop, co-organized by the École française de Rome and the British School in Rome, with the support of the Centre Gabriel Naudé (EA 7286, Enssib) considers the context of research libraries established in a foreign country, with a particular focus on their activitiesfrom the 1830s to the aftermath of World War I.

The history of the foreign “institutes” in Rome – institute is used here in the broadest sense – is the result of research opportunities (or lack of opportunities) and the availability of sources.

This history also reflects the place of research in history, art, and art history in the intellectual and cultural history of each of the countries represented. This workshop both considers these libraries as part of national networks and compares libraries within national networks, enabling us to address the question of the influence of the national network on the organization of the libraries’ collections, as well as on what readers expect from these libraries.