Imagines Clipeatae: Framing Memory in the Roman World


Istituto Svedese di Studi Classici a Roma
Via Omero, 14
00197 Roma

Data evento
20 Aprile 2023

The imagines clipeatae, which can be described as portrait busts situated within shield-like frames, have been found in a wide variety of contexts such as basilicas, temples, triumphal arches, funerary monuments, and Roman households. The variety of contexts in which the shield busts are displayed in makes them an excellent medium to explore how portraiture in Rome and its provinces could be used to create, manipulate, and negotiate the collective and cultural memory in the Roman world. Through a collection of shield busts from an assortment of contexts, the study situates the shield busts spatial and contextual evidence against ancient literary sources and architectural ensembles to investigate their use and development in the Roman world.