Woven Identities of Women and Warriors in Southern Italy in the 4th century BCE

In painted tombs in Campania and Lucania in the fourth century BCE, men and women appear in roles that reflect indigenous, pre-Roman social norms, and their clothing is a valuable tool for exploring identities and self-presentation. Female clothing types are particularly distinctive, and they act as a distinguishing marker from community to comm...
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Reconsidering Early Rome – Concepts and Contexts / Riconsiderare la Roma arcaica – Concetti e contesti

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Letture – 75° anniversario FIEC

 Thursday  11 April 2024, 19h00 CEST Prof. Filippomaria Pontani (Venezia/Italy): "Vingt-quatre pattes de mouche: Greek manuscripts and beyond" Thursday  25 April 2024, 19h00 CEST Prof. Joy Connolly (American Council of Learned Societies): "Beyond “Greece and Rome” Thursday 9 May 2024, 19h00 CEST Prof. Carmen Codoñer (Salamance/Spain): "Humanismo...
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