Editorial news – Quaderni 1

Classical Archaeology Today: Acts of the roundtable held on the occasion of the International Association of Classical Archaeology’s 70th anniversary.
Maria Teresa D’Alessio and Kristian Göransson eds.

This first volume of the new AIAC series ‘Quaderni’ is the result of a seminar held in 2016 at the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome to celebrate the 70th anniversary of AIAC.  The theme of the seminar was Classical Archaeology today, and it was treated with examples from the various countries represented.  This volume contains 8 contributions, illustrating the state of the discipline in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, all of which have institutions based in Rome. The situation of classical archaeology varies depending on national traditions and the contributions offer both similarities and differences.  Notwithstanding the cuts in financing for research and various changes in universities, the volume demonstrates  that classical archaeology remains an important research theme within the historical and humanistic disciplines in Europe.

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