The quinquennial International Congresses of Classical Archaeology have been an established institution since  1905, the year in which the first was held in  Athens. Towards the end of the 1950’s AIAC started to organize the congresses. Nineteen have now taken place, and the twentieth is planned for Paris, where it will certainly be a major occasion. 

Each congress is organized around a central theme, articulated in various sections with panels of individual contributors.  Recently each has seen the participation of over a thousand archaeologists. This is a list of the conferences, and the themes treated. 

I. Atene 1905
II. Il Cairo 1909
III. Rome 1912
IV. Barcellona 1929
V. Algeri 1930
VI. Berlino 1939
VII. Roma/Napoli 1958
VIII. Parigi 1963: Le rayonnement des civilisations grecque et romaine sur les cultures périphériques
IX. Damasco 1969: Orient, Grèce et Rome
X. Ankara/Izmir 1973: Anatolia in Classical Antiquity
XI. Londra 1978: Greece and Rome in the classical world
XII. Atene 1983: La Grèce classique et le monde classique
XIII. Berlino 1988: Der Hellenismus in der Archäologie
XIV. Tarragona 1993: La ciutat en el món romà
XV. Amsterdam 1998: Classical Archaeology towards the Third Millenium
XVI. Boston 2003: Common ground: archaeology, art, science and humanities
XVII. Roma 2008: Incontri tra culture nel mondo mediterraneo antico
XVIII. Merida 2013: Centro y periferia en el mundo clásico
XIX. Cologne/Bonn 2018: Archaeology and economy in the Ancient World