Guided Tours

This is an initiative reserved exclusively for the members of AIAC:  a series of guided tours titled ‘Stratigraphies, Architecture, Landscapes.

The title encompasses the spirit of the project, although other options, such as exhibitions or museums are available, along with suggestions from the members themselves.  The idea is to offer tours of areas, monuments and excavations not open to the public or virtually unknown, usually with the collaboration of other archaeologist (functionaries of the soprintendenza, directors of excavations). 

We have in the past visited excavations on the Palatine (the sanctuary of Vesta, the Curiae Veteres), on the Oppian Hill (the extraordinary mosaics and frescoes under the Baths of Trajan), the excavations of the Vatican necropolis and S. Paolo, as well as the Mausoleum of Augustus, the Stadium of Diocletian under Piazza Navona and the exhibition of the Gorga collection at Palazzo Altemps. New tours are being worked on, and will be found on the AIAC site and communicated to our members.