The AIAC Incontri

The Incontri are an initiative close to AIAC’s heart: during the last twenty years they have become an important proving ground for young scholars, generally pre-doctoral, doing research in Rome.

Since 2000 we have held a monthly  seminar on a specific archaeological theme, at which two to four archaeologists from Italian Universities and the Foreign Academies present their work.  This gives them the opportunity to meet each other, and to try out their ideas, thus creating a network of young archaeologists.  The seminars are generally conducted in Italian, but other languages are welcome. 

The moderators are usually young scholars with an interest in the chosen theme; they are invaluable for their suggestions and comments.  The Incontri are hosted in turn by the sponsoring institutions, and are open to the specialist public: from last year, because of the pandemic, they have also been held on line through the Zoom platform.   A synthesis of each communication has been published for a number of years in the journal AIACNews, while from 2021 we are including them in a new series, AIAC Quaderni.

Organisers in the past years include Helga di Giuseppe and Elizabeth Fentress; Maria Teresa D’Alessio; Fabiola Frioli and Alexandra Busch; Helga Di Giuseppe and Alexandra Busch; Vincent Jolivet; Lucrezia Spera; Antonio Pizzo and Evelyne Bukowiecki.  The Incontri  are currently organized by Antonio F. Ferrandes and Nicholas Laubry.