Archaeology, Culture and Environment of European Terraces

This meeting will present both the latest results of the TerrACE Project and other recent research on the archaeology and history of European terraces and lynchets. It will include new methods such as ancient DNA, UAV survey and latest scientific dating. Case studies will be drawn from Italy, Greece, France and Northern Europe.


The study of agricultural terraces has emerged as a reinvigorated area of archaeological study that has important links with culture, society and economy today. This has occurred due to new techniques ranging from Lidar,  improved dating techniques (esp. optically stimulated luminescence), to ancient DNA. We invite short papers from any area of study of past and present agricultural terraces that have relevance to archaeology, heritage management and sustaiability science. Areas of interest include survey & remote sensing, geophysics of terraces, geochronology, palaeoecology including ancient DNA, erosion risk and heritage management.

Registration will be free on a first come basis, and the meeting will last all day with an evening reception. Posters are also possible, and so is attendance without either a talk or poster.

To express interest and register for the meeting and, if appropriate, a talk or poster title, please email or Tony Brown at