The Rome Transformed ‘Provocation’ Conference: Contesting Visualisations of the Eastern Caelian from the C1-C8 CE

British School at Rome
via Antonio Gramsci 61

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23 March 2023 - 24 March 2023

The use of reconstruction and visualisation to order, interpret and present information about the structures and spaces of Ancient Rome has a pedigree stretching back centuries.  Many of the resulting images and models have had an enduring impact on both scholarly and popular imagination, an impact that can be both positive and negative.

Rome Transformed uses advanced visualisations (‘provocations’) to develop understanding of the buildings and landscapes that occupied the eastern Caelian in Rome between the first and eighth centuries CE.  Team members recognise that the images and models produced can never exactly replicate the original condition of the places they seek to represent, but that they are rather an opportunity to make explicit and accessible the range of source material available, and to test, and challenge interpretation.  This colloquium presents some of the project’s latest findings using provocations.

Five panel sessions will explore and debate provocations from

  • The area of the Ospedale di San Giovanni and via Amba Aradam (examining domus architecture)
  • The S. Croce archaeological area (examining the Sessorian palace, with its amphitheatre and circus, together with the later development of the S. Croce Basilica).
  • The area of the Lateran Basilica (examining the development of the Castra Nova, home to the Imperial horseguards, the Lateran Basilica itself (the world’s first cathedral) and associated structures)
  • The Aurelian Wall (examining the character and evolution of the fortifications)
  • The district between the Claudio-Neronian aqueduct and via Celimontana (examining hydraulic structures and tombs)

Organised by Ian Haynes (Newcastle; BSR), Paolo Liverani (Firenze), Thea Ravasi (Newcastle), Stephen Kay (BSR), and Gianluca Foschi (Newcastle)