Roman Museum Legacies: Dialogue with Andrea Viliani, Director of the Museo delle Civiltà


Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome
Via Omero 10-12

Data evento
28 May 2024

Museums in Rome are among the oldest and most famous in the world, prized for their outstanding collections, collecting histories, and architecture. Together, they present a full range of western European museum history in one of the most consequential of historic cities. Roman museums begin with 15th century papal gifts of ancient bronze statues to the Capitoline Hill and progress to world-class Baroque-era private collections, the labyrinthine Vatican museums, national museums of world civilizations, modernism, and antiquities and an “archistar” institution for contemporary art, bringing the Eternal City’s cultural life up to the present moment.

The 21st century is a particularly engaging moment to study the history of museums. Due to pressing concerns of new ways to make old art accessible, global art, decolonization and the social and political responsibilities of culture, museums are undergoing great periods of self-reflection. This KNIR dialogue series proposes a set of public lectures and conversations with current museum directors in Rome that are particularly engaged in institutional introspection. In this way, audiences can learn more about the legacies that Roman museums choose to reflect on today and the challenges and solutions for reinterpreting the past in the present and for the future.

The Dialogue will be moderated by our Museum Fellow, Dr. Laurie Kalb Cosmo.