Roman Baths and Agency


Academia Belgica
Via Omero, 81

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18 October 2023 - 20 October 2023

This international conference aims at promoting a more holistic approach to Roman bathhouses and bathing habits by focusing on the human–building interaction, and by replacing the individual and the collective at the centre of the research on Roman baths. Whichever the approach chosen (archaeological, architectural or textual) and whichever aspect studied (the design of the baths, the technology employed or the resources consumed therein, their urban setting or the facilities provided in the buildings, or the economic considerations surrounding their construction, management, or operation), the focus will be on the people who took part in this fundamentally Roman experience. The roundtable discussion on the third day will bring together a network of experts willing to collaborate on an online database project that seeks to garner data on all bath buildings of the Roman Empire.