MAGO. Making Gods. Il ruolo della pratica rituale nella costruzione delle divinità


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Piazzale Aldo Moro 7

Data evento
1 February 2024

In ancient polytheistic societies, divinities were conceived as powers (or “set of powers”). These powers were understood as active and could be experienced in every
natural and social phenomenon; at the same time, they could be activated on specific occasions of worship based on devotional interests.The “MAGO Project. Making Gods: The Role of Ritual Practice in the Construction of Divinities” has the aim to study the processes of elaboration and construction of divine entities within the framework of the ancient polytheisms. The research is focused on the analysis of rituals, which could help configure the functional profile of gods in different cult contexts. The first cycle of seminars relating to the project – “Rituals and denominations in ancient polytheisms” – wants to investigate, through monthly meetings, the relationship between the ritual practice, carried out in cult places, and the denomination of deities.

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